Wednesday, May 17, 2017

When a vehicle hits a deer

OK. I get that this type of accident can be lethal for humans. As well as causing a lot of damage/unexpected expense, etc. I really, really do. But folks, why do so many people blame it on the deer? Or praise culling the deer population as a solution? Or joke about free food? Or just ignore the fact that the deer lost their life in a horribly painful manner?

In other words, how can people be so cold? We invented the vehicles. We built the roads. We took away animal habitats to do so. What right do we have to blame it on the deer, who was just minding their own business, living their life? A life which, by the way, is seriously threatened by human intervention to begin with?

It makes no sense you guys.

I really wish, with all my heart that humans were not so desensitized to the feelings and lives of other living, breathing beings. They matter just as much as we do in the web of life. We are not the be all, end all of the natural world, no matter what you've been conditioned to believe. We are just a part of it. We are animals. Nothing more. Nothing less. We have no right to lord it over any other being. None.

Yes, we are animals that developed a bigger brain by eating more carbs, but we're still animals, just the same. And by the way, if our brains are so superior, why is it that we are the only animal that is systematically destroying the planet for the love of our “creature” comforts? Other animals don't cause pollution or environmental devastation, except when we manipulate or move them to suit our needs.

And sure, if someone I love is in an accident, I think of their safety first. That's only natural. But discounting the deer altogether, or referring to their part in the accident as if they were nothing but an inanimate object just feels so horrifically inhumane, even somewhat narcissistic to me.

When a vehicle hits a deer, the deer is just as much a victim as the people in the vehicle. Sometimes more so, because they are at a higher risk of losing their life than anyone involved. Yes, we need to be concerned for the safety of our loved ones in such a situation. Yes, it's a tragedy for the humans involved. But we should also be concerned for the deer.

Our senses of self importance and superiority astound me sometimes. But what's even worse is that many people find them justifiable. By showing a complete lack of empathy for other beings, they are essentially proclaiming other lives insignificant and meaningless in comparison to ours. It's so revealing of our blatant, purposeful ignorance and arrogance.

And yet, for some, the deer's plight remains invisible as does their awareness of the implications.


Why are some omnivores so pushy?

You think vegans and vegetarians are pushy, preachy and judgmental? How about some of those omnivores? Good heavens, you guys are everywhere. We're surrounded by you. And some of you are not very nice to us either. You shove that crappy, unhealthy, death laden diet of yours down our throats daily and all day long. Yup I said it.

And some of you have no problem bullying us either.

Any idea how those vegan jokes feel when you're vegan? Any idea how horrifying it is to hear you purposefully brag about your latest kill (hunters) or see those Facebook posts of our fellow beings served up on a platter just to get under our skin? Seriously? You could at least respect the fact that your dinner was once a living, breathing being by not being so crass/casual/careless about it.

And restaurants? Hello. We are here. We like to eat out too. We don't want to have to special order everything. You don't have to veganize your whole darn menu. Just give us a couple options, would you? Good heavens! You went to culinary school, right? Don't tell me they didn't teach you how to make anything without meat, eggs, milk or gobs of cheese in it. If not, I'm sure you can figure it out.

Heck, I do it every day and I'm no culinary goddess.

How I love vegan restaurants! I can order anything and not worry what's been slipped into it. Or whether the waitress actually knows what vegan is.

“You can eat fish, right?”

“Arghhh! No!”

Guess what else? Some of my friends are not vegan or even veg. They won't eat at vegan restaurants because “vegan food is gross.” “I need my meat!” So, guess who compromises? Not them! Nope. Ya, that would be me. The “pushy” vegan.

(I must insert here that a few of the omnivore friends I have kept close to over the years will go to those vegan restaurants. Bravo for the open-minded omnivores out there!)

Folks, I'm sick of hearing that I don't get enough of this or that because I'm going vegan. I'm sick of hearing that we have canine teeth for a reason, etc. etc. Mainly because it's not true. Also, I didn't ask you to preach to me, I just mentioned I was going vegan. It was your idea to make an issue out of it. Not mine.

I'm sick of people saying cruel, tasteless, hurtful, inconsiderate things like, “I love animals. They're tasty!” I'm sick of people speaking out against cruelty to animals, then ironically, eating them for dinner.

You guys, I've even seen animal cruelty fundraiser barbecues.

What? That doesn't even make sense.

And furthermore, vegans are not unhealthy, overly thin or wasting away! Many of them are award winning body-builders and athletes!

I've heard all the alternative facts of omnivores many times over. I also have research backed actual, unbiased facts to rebut them all.

But I don't do that to people. I show them compassion and understanding. Most of the time, I just change the subject, smile and move on. Because, like most vegans I'm not at all pushy, rude and inconsiderate. My goal is kindness to all. That's the whole point!

But I'm sick and damn tired of it being acceptable for omnivores to constantly give vegans and vegetarians a hard time. Get over it? Get a sense of humor? No, I'm sorry. It's not OK for you to treat people that way. Ya, even if they're vegan. And it's not funny. Once again, it's hurtful, rude and inconsiderate. Just like it is to poke fun at any group of individuals.

I'm always hearing that vegans are pushy. But I've gotten much more unsolicited advice from omnivores than I've ever given out.

They don't know about the over 40 years of unbiased research that has brought me to my decision. (My personal decision, as some pushy omnivores like to call theirs.)

Apparently, respecting someone's personal decision only applies if they're not vegan/vegetarian. 

But, vegans? You can hound them, stalk them online, lord it over them, discount their extensive, non-biased nutritional education and make fun of them all you want. They're vegans. Everyone knows they're nut-jobs. They don't matter.

Folks, as a transitioning vegan, I put information out there to the general public so people can make informed decisions on their own. I don't do this to ridicule people or lord it over them, but because I care.

I also talk about how happy going vegan has made me. I do not address people individually on the subject unless they ask. But sometimes if they're extremely rude to me personally, I will defend myself and my choices.

Wouldn't you if your beliefs were challenged and ridiculed daily?

Think about it. If you're an omnivore, how did this post make you feel?

Welcome to my world.