Friday, January 22, 2016

Why vegans don't have to respect your choice

What's there to respect?
Yes, that's what I said. Vegans don't have to respect your choice. We should and do respect you as a human being. But we do not have to respect your choice or make allowances for it. Why? Because, to be blunt, we know that being an omnivore is a cruel and inconsiderate choice, that's why. It causes pain, suffering, world hunger, environmental devastation, depleted resources and more. Plain and simple.

Why would anyone respect that as a choice? 

What's more?

Why would we laugh at or tolerate your disrespectful jokes aimed at other beings or our fellow vegans and designed to make us feel bad?

Why would we allow you to tell us that we do not have the same right to speak about our convictions as anyone else on the planet?

In other words, it's not vegans who are being disrespectful. And yet, we still respect you as a person. Which is way more than we get from some people in return.

Now, you may feel that because we are excited about our way of life and talk about how good it is and how harmful an omnivorous diet is, we are being disrespectful to you somehow. 

On the contrary, being vegan is about making the connection and respecting everyone, that is all animals, humans included, as well as respecting the planet we call home. That's why we respect you too, whether you think we do or not. We just don't respect your choice.

Now, you may not realize what your choice to be omnivorous entails. In fact, if you're still consuming meat and dairy products, whether you wear them, use them or eat them, I'll wager that you don't know everything about the meat and dairy industry. 

That's because I always assume that most people are kind and want to do the right thing. It's because I can't fathom anyone knowing the facts and not taking action. So, if you're still consuming animal products in any way, I figure you just don't know.

In other words, it's actually because I do respect you and have faith in your ability to discern right from wrong that I share my lifestyle with you. And of course, it's totally up to you whether you choose to be a part of the solution or a part of the problem. But if you choose to be part of the problem after reviewing all the facts (not just those that support your lifestyle) well then, don't blame me if I can't get behind that.

I've done the research on both “sides” of the argument. I've weighed the options, reviewed the facts and seen the light. And the hard evidence is overwhelmingly in favor of going vegan.

You see, it's been proven over and over that going vegan is far healthier than being omnivorous, good for the environment and absolutely essential for the future of humanity.

Collectively and statistically, we humans over-breed and use other animals without thought of the consequences, either for us or for them. It's disconcerting, ugly, selfish and wasteful behavior. It's not at all sustainable. In fact, if we don't change our ways soon, we will have no future at all. There are already people starving and going without water due to people's voracious appetite for animal products. In fact, there are so many negative consequences to omnivorous behavior that I can't even cram them all into one article.

Now, why on earth would I respect a choice like that? 

I don't. I won't and I shouldn't. So please stop asking me to.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Vegan nutritional deficits oh my!

With a diet this varied and this full of nutrients, vegan have the upper hand on nutrition!
Look at you sitting there with your super-sized mega meal, oozing with fat-laden cheese, riddled with death, telling me about nutrition. Aren't you just special? 

That's how I feel when some people speak to me of vegan nutritional deficits. Of course, that's not what I say. I can't help what comes into my brain but I can certainly filter it before it comes out of my mouth. And filter it I do, because my brain can be a real ass-hat sometimes. I'm guessing that comes from many years of being forced to defend my choices.

But that's a blog for another day.

Back to the subject at hand. You see, the thing is that no matter what diet or lifestyle you choose, you have to be careful to get all your nutrients. Vegan or not, nutrition is important. And vegan or not, you need to take your B-12. Did you know that? You also need to be sure you get enough (but not too much) protein, vitamins, minerals and more.

About that B-12.... There isn't enough in our soil any more. Animal agriculture has depleted it. So, even non-vegans, who used to get B-12 (from the meat they eat grazing and pooping on the grass that USED to contain plenty of B-12) need to be taking a B-12 supplement. It's not just a vegan thing. It's a world wide nutritional deficit.

But of course, it's so much easier to point the finger at vegans and claim that their diet is inferior. That way, being an omnivore looks better. And of course, it's all about who's better these days, right?

Working together on solving problems and not following the “let's bash the other "side" all day just for fun” crowd is just too difficult. 

For omnivores, admitting that vegans are healthier would also mean giving up “their” meat and dairy, right? You know, the meat and dairy that actually belonged to someone else before they killed them (or caused them to be killed through supply and demand) and took it from them? 

Oops, forgot my filter there for a minute. Ah, well, it may be blunt but that IS the truth.

Yes, vegans have some nutritional deficits. So do omnivores. What's more, they're usually the same deficits. And sometimes, omnivore nutritional issues are worse. Because guess what? Along with being nutritionally deficient, omnivores are continually eating meat and dairy. In fact, many of them make meat and dairy a larger part of their diet than it needs to be. Therefore, they put themselves at a much higher risk for, well, everything.

And about that protein. It should only be about 10-15% of our total dietary intake. Most non-vegans consume way more than that. Doing so puts a strain on all our vital organs. Excess protein in your diet can cause kidney failure, cancer and much more. But you don't have to believe me. Look it up. Here's a link to get you started.

So, yes, as a vegan, I have to be careful about my nutritional needs. However, not any more so than anyone else, including omnivores. We ALL have to be sure we eat right, vegan or not. An omnivorous diet is not a magic bullet. Neither is a vegan diet. However a nutritionally sound diet is much easier to achieve with a vegan diet. Because not only is it chock full of nutrients, it's missing all the bad stuff.

But you know what the funny thing is? When you load up on the good stuff, you feel so great that the bad stuff starts to show it's true colors. You don't really want it any more. Ya, it's about as appealing as, well, let's not go there. Just picture eating the grossest thing ever. Garbage? Sewage? Something worse? That's what eating meat feels like to a vegan. Because that's what it is. Garbage.

Garbage in – garbage out. So think about that, next time you speak of vegans wasting away or missing their protein. We're not missing anything that an omnivore diet could better provide us with. Except maybe lies, half-truths, brainwashing and nutritional delusion.