Thursday, November 12, 2015

My friend Sally went vegan and got sick.

Veganism doesn't make you sick. It's a myth.
Your friend, Sally went vegan and got sick? So what? Maybe Sally was an unhealthy eater to begin with. Maybe she relied on processed foods for the majority of her diet. You can be a total junk food junkie and still be vegan. You can do the same as an omnivore. Point is that no matter what diet you follow, you will get sick if you don't consume sufficient calories, vitamins, nutrients and minerals.

Maybe Sally was already sick. Maybe that's why she went vegan and it was too late for it to do any good. 

So many factors here.

Maybe Sally was just hungry. When switching from a SAD (Standard American Diet) to a vegan diet, many people simply don't consume enough calories to live on. It's a simple mistake that's easily remedied. Vegan foods are nutrient dense, but not as calorie dense as non-vegan foods. So, in order to get enough calories on a vegan diet, you have to eat larger quantities of food.

So much for that eating like a rabbit theory, right? Vegans eat a lot of food! Piles of it! And yummy food besides! It's full of flavor and good nutrition.

Luckily, nutrients are a non-issue with a vegan diet. I know. Everyone has told you that vegans don't get enough protein. Actually, the opposite is true. Non-vegans get too much protein. Processing it all is a burden on internal organs. It can lead to kidney stones, gallstones, bladder issues, heart problems, cancer and much more.

A good vegan diet contains everything you need for optimal health without the protein OD. It's not difficult to balance your diet, either. Just make sure you eat all the colors, include plenty of nuts, beans, seeds and other legumes, take your B-12, which, incidentally is something non-vegans need too. And that's about it. As long as you weren't sick before, you'll be just as healthy as you ever were. Possibly healthier.

So your friend Sally got sick on a vegan diet? I suppose she could have because a person can become ill on any diet, vegan or otherwise. That doesn't mean the diet is at fault. What it means is that Sally wasn't paying attention to her nutritional needs. Or, like I said, maybe Sally was already sick. Never assume.Some of the connections you make are false. And connecting illness with veganism is one of the most common false connections you can make.

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