Friday, January 22, 2016

Why vegans don't have to respect your choice

What's there to respect?
Yes, that's what I said. Vegans don't have to respect your choice. We should and do respect you as a human being. But we do not have to respect your choice or make allowances for it. Why? Because, to be blunt, we know that being an omnivore is a cruel and inconsiderate choice, that's why. It causes pain, suffering, world hunger, environmental devastation, depleted resources and more. Plain and simple.

Why would anyone respect that as a choice? 

What's more?

Why would we laugh at or tolerate your disrespectful jokes aimed at other beings or our fellow vegans and designed to make us feel bad?

Why would we allow you to tell us that we do not have the same right to speak about our convictions as anyone else on the planet?

In other words, it's not vegans who are being disrespectful. And yet, we still respect you as a person. Which is way more than we get from some people in return.

Now, you may feel that because we are excited about our way of life and talk about how good it is and how harmful an omnivorous diet is, we are being disrespectful to you somehow. 

On the contrary, being vegan is about making the connection and respecting everyone, that is all animals, humans included, as well as respecting the planet we call home. That's why we respect you too, whether you think we do or not. We just don't respect your choice.

Now, you may not realize what your choice to be omnivorous entails. In fact, if you're still consuming meat and dairy products, whether you wear them, use them or eat them, I'll wager that you don't know everything about the meat and dairy industry. 

That's because I always assume that most people are kind and want to do the right thing. It's because I can't fathom anyone knowing the facts and not taking action. So, if you're still consuming animal products in any way, I figure you just don't know.

In other words, it's actually because I do respect you and have faith in your ability to discern right from wrong that I share my lifestyle with you. And of course, it's totally up to you whether you choose to be a part of the solution or a part of the problem. But if you choose to be part of the problem after reviewing all the facts (not just those that support your lifestyle) well then, don't blame me if I can't get behind that.

I've done the research on both “sides” of the argument. I've weighed the options, reviewed the facts and seen the light. And the hard evidence is overwhelmingly in favor of going vegan.

You see, it's been proven over and over that going vegan is far healthier than being omnivorous, good for the environment and absolutely essential for the future of humanity.

Collectively and statistically, we humans over-breed and use other animals without thought of the consequences, either for us or for them. It's disconcerting, ugly, selfish and wasteful behavior. It's not at all sustainable. In fact, if we don't change our ways soon, we will have no future at all. There are already people starving and going without water due to people's voracious appetite for animal products. In fact, there are so many negative consequences to omnivorous behavior that I can't even cram them all into one article.

Now, why on earth would I respect a choice like that? 

I don't. I won't and I shouldn't. So please stop asking me to.

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