Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Vegans have heard it all, now it's your turn to listen

Are you listening?
We have already heard that plants have feelings. We have told you where we get our protein. We have explained that herbivores have canine teeth too. We have told you what would happen if everyone went vegan and it's actually a good thing. And yet, you continually harp on and on, bringing up the same dead points over and over, refusing to see that unless we make drastic lifestyle changes, none of us will survive. Enough with the third degree. When will you connect with the truth?

Oh and by the way, the food chain is a circle, not a pyramid. No one is at the top. And even if there were a top, there wouldn't be a human being sitting on it.

Yes, we know that you love animals but also love to eat them. You can't live without the taste, whereas, they simply won't live (and neither will the human race, BTW) simply to appease your taste buds. It seems normal and natural to you, but quite ironic, cruel and unnatural to us.

Your jokes are not funny and neither is the state of the natural world. Your arguments are just as insensitive, rude and selfish as your jokes. And we're not laughing.

We have heard you say that vegans are upsetting the natural balance while you simultaneously and quite unnaturally over-breed millions of animals daily, effectively tipping the scales of nature to the point of no return.

You tell us to mind our own business and yet, you have no problem butting into ours by tampering with our future and mocking us at every turn.

You tell us we are shoving our lifestyle down your throats while we are surrounded by yours on a daily basis. Seriously, I cannot walk down one block of a city street without encountering a meat or dairy product or advertisement. When I go to see a movie, it's rare to see a vegan character, unless they are there to be made fun of. Ditto for TV shows and even plays. So who's shoving what on who?

Think about it. We do. And we do the research too.

We have scientifically and unquestionably dis-proven every argument ever made against Veganism in the history of the world. None of your theories hold water and all of them waste water. We have heard it all and responded to it all with honest, factual answers. And yet, you still continue to barrage us with the same stupid scenarios and questions over and over.

Note: If I were on a deserted island with a pig, I would not eat the pig. I would, because I have this little thing called common sense, find out what the pig was eating, because it's obviously sustaining him and I would eat that too. Pigs will eat meat if humans feed it to them, but they are actually vegetarians, so I'm all set.

Thanks for caring about how I would survive this completely unlikely scenario though. Too bad you don't care if any of us survive the real life scenario we are living right now. Or at least you don't care enough to give up a few random food items.

So, just when will you connect with the fact that we speak the truth?

It's become unmistakably obvious that your moment of clarity will likely come when it's too late for you to make the changes necessary to save us all from extinction. But hey, go ahead and live your life as you choose, oblivious to the massive environmental destruction you are causing at every turn.

Because heaven forbid you should give up your comfort zone to save us all from imminent destruction. It's much more important that you be allowed to do whatever the hell you want, regardless of how it impacts anyone else, right?

When will you connect with the truth? There are no rights in the natural world. And unlike the kind, compassionate, caring vegans you berate daily, nature is unforgiving. It is what it is. If you fuck with it, it will fuck you right back. In fact, you've already quite effectively fucked us all with your selfish lifestyle and eating habits.

But hey, who am I to judge? Carry on. And please do talk to me about that B-12 I'm not getting for the 400th time. And I'll tell you that you need it too for the 400th time because animal agriculture has pretty much erased it from our soil. And you won't listen, also for the 400th time. Because closing your eyes and ears to the truth will solve everything.

By the way, purposeful ignorance stops being blissful when you realize your precious traditions, habits and lifestyle are killing us all.

And that's when you become vegan.

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