Saturday, April 2, 2016

Connecting with the superior human

A glaring example of our blatant superiority complex.

Do I have to? Honestly, I'd rather not connect with “superior” humans. Unfortunately, a vast percentage of our population feels that they are actually superior to other animals. In what way? Well, supposedly, we have souls and they don't. Also, our brains are bigger.

Are those the same brains that are systematically annihilating our planet. Are those the souls that are OK with taking one life to appease another?

Those are superior? Ya. I don't think so.

Other animals only take what they need. They don't pollute. They don't lie, cheat or steal. They don't engage in bigotry or superiority complexes. In other words, they don't lord it over other species. If they are carnivores, they don't lock up their prey or breed them specifically to die. In other words, if they do have souls, their souls are much cleaner than ours. In fact, you might even say that human beings are the low spot on the totem pole in that regard.

We're not at the top of the food chain, either. The food chain is a web, not a pyramid. No one is at the top. We all depend on each other. And surprise, humans are scientifically classified as primates. That means our teeth and digestive system are not designed to tear flesh or digest meat. Our legs are designed to get away, not chase down and follow up by ripping open. We are prey, not predator.

Run way, run away.... Bwa ha ha ha

The omnivorous habits we have developed are killing us because they're not in sync with our biological make-up.

And about those bigger brains. We should use them to make rational decisions that help, not hurt us all. Then, maybe we'd have something to boast about.

I have no need for rude and negative people in my life who feel that they are better than anyone, other animals included. And that's not because I feel like I'm better than them. It's because the angry, self centered energy they emit isn't good for the soul. I do best around people who are trying to do no harm and create a positive vibe. The hippie in me loves the hippie in you. LOL

Of course, this world is full of all kinds of people. And some of those people haven't yet figured out that we are all equal. Maybe they're caught up in old traditions. Maybe it's just that they're used to things being the way they are and haven't thought about it much. Maybe they're just plain stubborn. I know I am, but in the opposite way. Ha ha.

At any right, whether I want to connect with the ugly, it's a part of some otherwise kind and caring individuals, as well as some cherished loved ones. It happens. Life is a journey. I get it. Some folks just aren't on the same path. I still love them just the same. Because doing otherwise would make me a “superior” human. And folks, that's just not in me.

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