Friday, April 22, 2016

Vegans like Prince are not immortal, but....

Many of us in the vegan community were shocked to hear of the death of Prince. Some may not have known that Prince was vegan. Others may be wondering how a vegan could die so young. It's important to remember that while Veganism, in and of itself is the healthiest, most natural diet, it still does not make us immortal. Yes, vegans die too. Of course we do. It's just surprising when vegans die so young.

Making the connection with good health does not guarantee a long life. It simply increases your chances, helps save the planet and gives all animals, humans included, a better fighting chance. We shouldn't expect immortality on top of all that goodness.

Vegans can get the flu. They can catch diseases. They can even die of heart attacks, although their chances of having heart disease are extremely low compared to their omnivore counterparts, for sure.

Prince didn't die because of his vegan diet, but I'm willing to bet that possibility will be mentioned. Be ready to hear this kind of thing from those particular naysayers who are willing to jump all over anything that might be construed as evidence against the vegan way of life.

Hopefully, respect for Prince will be enough to discourage them, but who knows?

Be strong in your convictions, please, because you are doing the world a lot of good. Remember that everyone on this planet will die someday. Remember that Prince did not die because he was vegan but because he was human and all humans die.

And aside from that, let's celebrate the life of a man who dedicated said life to compassion by being as kind to the naysayers as possible. And let's also celebrate by continuing on our own compassionate journeys. It goes without saying that Prince would be pleased with such a tribute.

Vegans like Prince are not immortal but they do set a wonderful example for us all to follow.

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