Thursday, August 4, 2016

3 Lifestyle choices with Vegan connections

As delicious as vegan food is, that's not all there is to going vegan.
When I began making the switch from Vegetarian to Vegan, I began making connections I never have before. There's so much more to Veganism than just diet. It's a whole different way of life. It encompasses so much!

There is environmentalism and sustainability. It's also about making a minimal impact and creating less waste. It's about doing the right thing for planetary and animal life, human or otherwise. So if you're going Vegan, whether for health or ethical reasons, why not change your whole lifestyle to reflect those values and concepts?


A friend of mine told me once that her choice was not to go Vegan, but to embrace sustainable living. That's wonderful. I applaud her efforts. I know she's very dedicated to sustainable living. However, I believe that being sustainable alone isn't enough. For example, my friend raises chickens. She treats them well, but even so, there are humane issues she may not be aware of.

For instance, laying hens rely on the calcium that goes into their unfertilized eggs to sustain themselves. When we take them, we force them to lay more, thus shortening their life spans. Of course, there are many other reasons sustainable practices fall short. That's just one example. So, why stop at sustainable or Vegan? Why not combine them for a more humane way of life?


Choosing a Vegan diet alone makes a huge impact. Still, it won't completely save the planet. Why not carry those Vegan principles through to the rest of your lifestyle choices? It makes no sense to preach about the environmental impact of a meat based diet if you don't recycle, for instance.

If you're a shopaholic, you're no friend to the earth either. What do you do to help the planet outside of your Vegan diet? Not adopting other environmentally sound practices can make even the strictest of vegans seem hypocritical.


Minimalism, sustainability, environmentalism and a Vegan diet are all connected. Like the rest, minimalism focuses on doing the least harm to the planet and life in general. It's a low impact lifestyle. Own less, occupy less space and you do less harm.

So, why stop at Veganism? When you dare to make the connection, do something about it. You'll improve your life and the lives of every living being on the planet. Go Vegan. Go minimalist. Live sustain-ably. Care for the environment. They're not exclusive ways of life. They're inclusive. Nature is waiting for you to make the connection and make your life more meaningful than it already is.

What are you waiting for?

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