Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Handling anger at non-vegan lifestyles

It IS frustrating, but....
You will notice in the title, that I did not say handling anger at non-vegans, but at non-vegan lifestyles. And that's the whole thing, right there. When we raise our kids, we say, hate the behavior, not the child. And while non-vegans certainly shouldn't be treated like children, they should be treated as kindly as you would treat your child. Everyone should.

But what about when you get really angry? It's easy to do so. Especially when you're a victim of vegan bashing or bad jokes. People do have a tendency to laugh at the vegan lifestyle, for whatever reason.

And it's certainly frustrating to watch as those around you do exactly what you're trying to prevent because that's the way it's always been done.

Well, you could do what I do, I guess. I write about it. I prove my point in an article, post it on social media and reap the benefits.

What do I mean by reap the benefits? Well, for some reason, writing on controversial subjects really makes those page views soar. People's emotions get all involved, you know? And anytime that happens, you're looking at viral voodoo.

It's especially profitable when people become angry at your viewpoint.

Now, I don't make people angry on purpose, mind you. That's not really my thing. My thing is compassion. But somehow, even that angers certain people. They pass around my link to their friends to show them what an idiot I am and suddenly, my article or blog hits it big.

Meh, whatever. At least they're reading it. Maybe some of it will sink in. Or not.

The point is that the best comeback for anger directed against the vegan lifestyle is to just live your life. Be happy. Do your thing. Talk about it if you like. After all, everyone else on the planet is free to talk about their lifestyle, so why not vegans?

And if you're a writer, use that pent up anger in a positive way. Write. Educate. Rejoice on paper. And perhaps accidentally, you'll influence someone or at least upset them enough to spread it around where someone else will be inspired. In which case, you'll be teaching more people to be compassionate and make a bit of a profit doing it as well.

No harm done. Compassion retained. Anger squelched. Mission accomplished. Well, not completely. But at least you can say that you're making an effort and remaining compassionate to all. Yes?

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