Sunday, October 9, 2016

If you're truly concerned about plant consumption, you should be vegan. What?

Most of the corn and soy grown in the US is fed to those cows, pigs and chickens omnivores eat.
Yup. It's true. And there goes another defense for eating meat down the tubes. Just like that. Vegans kill fewer plants than omnivores. You see, the issue with the “plants, though” argument against vegans is a moot point. That's because, among other reasons, omnivores consume far more plants than vegans. They just consume some of them indirectly. In the form of meat.

Not only that, because omnivores are consuming most of their plants second hand, the nutrition is second hand too. It's inferior because it's cycled through the animal first. Nutrition is always higher from the original source. Which is, of course, one of the main issues with processed food as well. It's been changed so much from the original form that it loses it's “power.”

It takes far more veggies to produce a pound of meat than it does to eat all your veggies directly. And that's calorie for calorie, nutrient for nutrient. What? That's right, vegetable protein is far superior to animal protein in nutrient content. Plus, there are none of the health risks.

The “veggies” used to feed livestock are genetically modified. They take a lot of land. They take a lot of water. They also involve massive single crop land use, which depletes the soil and promotes erosion and the dust bowl factor.

And then, you have the land that's used for grazing or feedlots, creating dead-zones which cannot support life. Neither factory nor humane farms are sustainable. Both are a waste of resources. In fact, humane farms use more land.

Contrarily, the veggies consumed by vegans are mostly grown on organic farms. They are not single crop operations. Rather, the crops grown are diverse and rotated to enrich the soil. And since they are not cycled through animals, well, again, they're better for you.

Plants have feelings? OK. I'll give you that. But it's not the same thing at all. However, they are not sentient beings. There is a huge difference between picking a carrot and slicing the throat of an animal. Other animals have close personal relationships with their family and even have friends. They have emotions and thinking, feeling lives of their own.

And besides, once again, omnivores consume more plants than vegans. Remember? So, there you go. If you're truly concerned about the lives and feelings of plants, you should be vegan.

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