Saturday, June 10, 2017

How to be a lazy vegan

I'm a pretty lazy vegan. When people ask me for vegan recipes, well, I don't really have any to speak of. I'm no chef. I don't really have time for elaborate concoctions. I eat what I like. I eat what's good for me, mostly raw. It's all vegan, but I can't even tell you how I made my last meal.

I don't really cook. I graze. I eat a lot of wholesome fruits and veggies. I throw in some nuts, beans and grains for good measure. I toss together a few of my favorite things and that's dinner. Sometimes, I make green smoothies. About the closest thing I do to cooking is making a bit of organic oatmeal. So, when it comes to spending any length of time in the kitchen, I'm a pretty lazy vegan.

I don't even “do” cheese or meat “substitutes” as a general rule. They just taste too processed to me. That makes it even easier to be a lazy vegan.

You see, I'm just too busy living to live in the kitchen. Do you want to be a lazy vegan? If so, stick to mostly raw foods. Avoid cooking like the plague. Eat a wide variety of fruits and veggies. Sprinkle a little nutritional yeast on your food here and there or take a supplement for vitamin B-12. Be sure to toss a handful of nuts or beans on your salads and relax.

You don't have to be a super chef or a nutritionist to go vegan. You just have to eat healthy foods and stay away from meat, fish, eggs and dairy.

It's a snap, even if you're a lazy vegan like me.

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