Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Give me veggies or give me death

Veggies and fruits = life! (public domain photo)
Last post, I mentioned that the statement, “Give me veggies or give me death” is true in many ways. This post, I'd like to talk about what I meant by that, both including and aside from the obvious.

Being vegan means rejecting death and suffering for other animals

That's the obvious part. By going vegan we refuse to cause the death of other animals to produce “food” and other animal products. And yes, I know that there are some deaths related to vegetable production as well. However, those related to animal production far outweigh them.

It also means rejecting human suffering.

So much of what we grow is used in animal production that it's absolutely ludicrous. If we ate that food directly, rather than recycling it through animals, we could feed all the starving people in the world several times over. Plus, there's the issue of our life giving water supply. It takes a lot of it to feed all those animals we over-breed for food. It would go much further to water produce if we all ate a vegan diet.

Being vegan brings us good health.

When we eat more veggies we have less room for the bad stuff. Fewer people would be dying early from heart attacks and organ related diseases. It's even been proven that cancer may be linked to meat and dairy based diet. In my own life, I have seen how going vegan has improved my Lupus issues with reduced inflammation and improved circulation. I hardly need my medication any more. Soon, I may be able to go without it at all.

Eating veggies keeps the planet alive and well.

Dead zones surrounding factory farming operations have extinguished all life for hundreds and hundreds of miles. Animal waste from meat and dairy production is filling our water supply with nitrates that consume life supporting oxygen. Methane from factory farms is threatening our ozone. Farming is the number one environmental threat to this planet.

Eat your organic, GMO free fruits and veggies.

They don't fill our water supply with chemicals and waste products. They don't promote the over-breeding of animals that sets nature off balance. They don't hurt anyone. They only bring life. Choose veggies. Choose life.

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