Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Rapid fire vegan connections

My brain on vegan (public domain photo)
This blog is not just for my readers. It's for me too. Since I began it, my brain has been going crazy with rapid fire connections. Every time I write another post, I'm reminded of another connection to, of, about or related with veganism. It's quite exciting, really.

Why do I find connections so exciting?

The world is full of them. They are what makes us thrive, survive and click. They bring us prosperity and thankfulness. They bring us awareness, love and light. Connections are at the heart of every single thing we do, say or accomplish.

What's so special about vegan connections?

Well, vegan connections are nearly always positive. When they're not, they bring about positive change. That makes them among the best of all connections one could possibly make. In fact, every time I make a new vegan connection, something wonderful happens in my life or in my attitude or in my perspective.

Connections are freeing.

One would think that being connected to a huge network of energy, relationships, thoughts, etc. would be restricting. Actually, just the opposite is true. Connections reveal all the possible roads on can travel down and how they relate to each other. It's exciting!

I'm so glad that I started writing this blog.

So what if it doesn't make me a millionaire? Why should I care? The connections I'm making are worth far more than that. They take me on a different journey and a new reality every single day of my life. You guys, I'm so glad to be vegan. It's brought me so much more than appears on the surface. Vegan for life!

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