Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Make the kindness connection, even with ass-hats

Speak vegan with your heart! (public domain)
Just kidding of course, no one is a complete ass-hat. Everyone has some redeeming qualities. Heck, there are even vegan ass-hats. I came across a few of them the other day arguing over the definition of veganism and who was more vegan or truly vegan or the veganist person in the group. How ridiculous! The point is that as vegan, we are here to promote kindness, not hatred.

It's OK to hate the behavior.

It's alright to be mad at the way we have evolved as a species. Just try not to take it out on those who don't see the issue. Maybe they are mired in tradition. Maybe they're just not interested. Maybe they know about the impact a meat and dairy based diet has and refuse to change. Maybe they'll come around. Maybe they won't. Whatever the case, it's not right to be cruel to them. Treating these folks badly only serves to prove that vegans are just a bunch of superior ass-hats ourselves.

And speaking of vegans....

Those vegan ass-hats can be a real downer. I try my best not to be one of them. I try to promote my beliefs without jabs or sarcasm. I didn't always do that. It's gotten me into some trouble. I've lost some friends and family members because of it. The good news is that the ones I lost had already made the choice to lose me long ago. I've always been kind of different, you know? I don't think like other people and they hate that. Anyway....

Be nice to people.

It's the best way to show how much your life has improved since going vegan. It's the best advertisement we have. We want people to embrace our cause, not run from it. If we keep scaring them off, this planet and everyone on it is doomed. So, it's kind of important, you know? And maybe even more important is our unity.

Stop being mean to other vegans.

Good heavens. Some of those vegan chats, forums and comment sections are downright ugly. Why on earth are we creating categories for ourselves within the vegan community? Why are we not just happy to find like-minded people who are journeying toward full fledged veganism. Isn't that what we want? Of course it is. So stop badgering and bullying other vegans, even if they haven't quite gone full fledged vegan yet. You're not better than they are or more vegan because you have. Plus, you're making us look bad. Be nice!

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