Monday, October 20, 2014

Are vegans the new hippies?

Saw a post in a vegan forum by a younger member. The question posed was, “Are most vegans pot smokers? Because that would be really cool!” I thought it was kind of silly and maybe placed a bit more importance on pot smoking, rather than the tireless effort to save animals, the planet and each other that vegans stand for. On the other hand, it did get me thinking.

You know how back in the day, hippies tried to warn everyone about environmental issues? Remember how everyone ignored them (us)? Now we know better, don't we? The world is falling apart around us. We're running out of clean water, food and resources at an alarming rate. And, now, vegans are speaking out on those same issues and being ignored.

No one wants to give up their meat and dairy, just like no one in the 70's wanted to give up their cars, conveniences and consumerism. And yet, the meat and dairy industries are responsible for most of the environmental damage happening today. The parallel connection is obvious. Vegans are the new hippies. Will you take a lesson from the past and listen this time or will you ignore the facts, stick to harmful, destructive traditions and beliefs and watch the world go down the tubes?

You have a choice to live life as you wish. Why not choose wisely so that we all have a brighter future? It's not always about you.

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