Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Connecting with the vegan in you

Vegans believe in protecting the earth from destructive human behaviors.
Maybe you think you have nothing in common with vegans. Maybe you think vegans are crazy. Not so fast. If you're a kind, decent individual, who cares about your health and the health of the planet, you may have more in common with vegans than you think.

Do you believe in eating a healthy diet?

Sure, junk food is appealing on occasion. But we all know that eating it on a regular basis can lead to serious health issues, vegan or not.

Vegans believe a healthy diet can extend and raise the quality of their lives. How about you?

Do you care about the future of the planet?

I hope so. Because when this planet finally throws in the towel, we'll be on it. What does this have to do with vegans? Well, eating a meat and dairy based diet is the single biggest human behavior that is currently impacting the environmental destruction of planet earth.

Vegans believe in protecting the earth from destructive human behaviors. How about you?

Does worldwide starvation concern you?

You know all that land used to grow food for the animals we over-breed and consume? It could grow enough plant food to feed all the humans on the planet and provide sufficient nutrition as well.No one would have to starve or be malnourished.

Vegans believe in eating a diet that considers the lives of others, not just themselves. How about you?

Do increasing water shortages worry you?

Where does all the water go, anyway? Doesn't it just recycle itself? Well, not exactly. You see, once again, those animals we over-breed and consume are drinking it up at such a rapid rate, that it never does have a chance to renew itself.  

Vegans believe that our dwindling water supply should be used in a responsible manner. How about you?

What about clean air and water?

Surely you care about that. You may even be involved in protesting the harmful effects of the oil and gas industry or fracking. Did you know that meat and dairy production is actually more polluting than big oil/vehicle emissions/fracking etc.?

Vegans believe in leaving clean air and water for future generations. How about you?

Do you enjoy watching slaughterhouse videos?

How about videos that realistically portray the meat and and dairy industry in all it's gory, painful, bloody glory? No? Neither do vegans. In fact, they bring us to tears.

Vegans believe in stopping the atrocities revealed in those films. How about you? Surely, you don't want them to continue?

Do you consider yourself an animal lover?

That steak on your plate was once a living, breathing, feeling being. Some of the animals we consume as food are more intelligent than our companion animals. They have lives and families. They care about each other. Some of them even feel love for the caretakers that send them to slaughter.

Vegans believe taking the lives of other animals for food, tangible products or entertainment is self serving and unnecessary in a world of less violent alternatives. How about you?

Where's the connection?

If the only vegan principle you disagree with is the last one, you may be more vegan than you think. Vegans aren't strange or crazy. They aren't evil or pushy. They aren't manipulative or unkind. In fact, vegans are among the kindest, most unselfish, most caring individuals in the world.

Just like you.

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