Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Finding vegan connections on Twitter

Tweet! (Public Domain photo)
Where are all the vegan tweeters hiding? How do you find vegan friends on Twitter? I know a few simple methods involving hash-tags and concerning the nature of your tweets. Depending on how you use social networking, you can try different things.

To be honest, I use Facebook way more than I do Twitter. So, connecting my Twitter and Facebook accounts really makes a difference in finding friends on both sites. Whether they originate on Facebook or Twitter, my tweets draw fellow vegans.

Since my Facebook and Twitter are interconnected, the more I tweet about being vegan, going vegan and the more I post other related content, the more vegan followers I amass on both Twitter and Facebook. In other words, making your social networking pages vegan specific helps you make more vegan connections.

I also try to keep up with messages from Twitter in my e-mail. That way, I don't miss any vegan friends who have followed me on Twitter, so I can follow them back.

Hash-tags are a great help in finding vegan friends on both Twitter and Facebook. If you've never used them before, you should give it a shot. Not only will it bring you more visibility, it will alert other vegans to your online presence so they can connect with you.

Simply use vegan relevant hash-tags when posting memes, vegan related status updates, articles of vegan interest, etc. Other vegans who have “subscribed” to the hash-tags #Vegan or #Veganism can easily find you through your tagged posts.

Coming up: Segregating your vegan posts

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