Friday, July 18, 2014

Where to find more vegan Facebook friends

As we discussed in the previous post, vegan friendships can go a long way toward enhancing your Facebook experience. Networking with fellow vegans is a wonderful way to reinforce your convictions, find new information, learn new recipes and even fight off the naysayers. So, where do you find these awesome people?

Do you see that little search bar at the top of your Facebook page? How often do you use it? I use mine daily to find new vegan friends. I can't search for them by name, because I don't know them yet. What I can do is search for the vegan groups and pages they frequent. It's a simple enough technique, yet many rarely do it.

Since my Facebook page is filled with vegan posts, it's pretty easy to get accepted into vegan groups. It's even easier to like a page. It's a one click deal. Then, once I'm on the page or in the group, I start making friends.

I also find groups and pages through the vegans that I'm already friends with. I simply watch their posts to see where they obtained their memes or recipes and follow their lead. This is a great way to find vegan relevant websites too.

Occasionally, when I find a group I relate to well, I even do a group post that's an open invitation for those vegans to send me friend requests. I accept them all. However, if I later find out that I don't get on well with the individual, I simply block their news feed from my page.

Of course, Facebook isn't the only place to make Vegan friends. We'll talk more about that later.

Note: Even though most vegans are obviously pretty good natured, kind people, due to their beliefs, it's important to choose the right ones to be friends with. The next post is all about who makes a good vegan friend and who makes a bad one, at least in my opinion. See you there.

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