Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What is Vegan Connections all about?

Connections are perhaps the most fascinating aspect of the vegan experience for me. Since becoming vegan, I've made hundreds of new friends, both on and offline. I've learned that my personal diet and lifestyle choices can impact the rest of the world on a far greater scale than I ever thought possible.

It's a great feeling!

There's an entire, complex, interwoven network we activate when we choose (or don't choose) Veganism as a way of life. This blog is about all those multifaceted connections, both good and bad. It's about how to use those connections positively to create a better world for everyone.

First, we'll be talking about making (and nurturing) online vegan friendships.

Then, together, we'll explore the hard truth behind the meat, egg and dairy industries.

I'll share anything new that I learn. You're welcome to do the same in the comment section.

Along the way, we'll focus on and celebrate all the positive connections that stem from choosing a more compassionate life.

My hope is that by combining our vegan connective “powers”, we can further improve our health, protect the environment, feed the hungry and of course, save our fellow earthlings (the other animals).

That's why the next post is about the importance of making more vegan friends for an even more powerful connective force.

Stay tuned!

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