Thursday, July 17, 2014

New vegan friends are vital

Have you ever found yourself inundated with naysayers on Facebook and other social networks? Think you've learned all you can about veganism? Getting tired of the same old stand-by recipes? Clearly, you need more vegan friends.

Increasing your ratio of vegan friends as compared to non-vegan friends can fade those naysayers right into the background where they belong. Vegan or not, nobody needs negativity as a prominent feature in their day. Not only that, your vegan friends will have your back when it comes to defending your choices.

Bringing new vegan friends into your network means new information, new ideas and more. They can also turn you on to relative groups, pages and websites. From keeping you in the loop to showing you new videos, articles and such that help you explain your choices or spread the good news about the positive impact of your choices, your new friendships can be a true asset.

If your vegan diet is boring, you're not doing it right. Making new vegan friends is vital in this area. For instance, in the last few months, I've made friends with a vegan chef who has supplied me with an endless supply of recipes through his Facebook posts. He not only posts his own recipes, but others he has come across and tried. Of course, he's not the only vegan friend I've made since going vegan. Each one has brought something new to my personal table, literally and figuratively.

So, you see, making new vegan friends can truly enrich your vegan experience. It's hard dealing with the harsh realities of the largely non-vegan society we live in. Having a large vegan circle can make that other world seem small in comparison.

The next post addresses ways to make more vegan Facebook friends.


  1. I think this advice is pertinent no matter what lifestyle choice you might be talking about. If I replace "vegan" with "homeschool" your article reads almost as meaningfully. Support is important, especially if you choose to walk the less traveled path.

    1. That's a great point, Tavia. Thanks for the feedback.